Craig’s Corner

February 23, 2019

As you know, there are A LOT of great changes happening at East Bay over the next 18 months! We cannot wait to share it all with you! The first change and perhaps one of the most important is an update to the driving range tee. FINALLY! The range tee will now feature a 6 1/2 foot wide strip of turf from Backyard Greens. This will allow for healthy turf all season long and in to the night. We know our range takes a beating and this will fix that! It should be up and going in a couple weeks. See you soon.


Nov 2, 2018

“Now what are you doing to #4???” As part of the Medical School 3 hole addition holes 4 and 5 will be getting a small make over. Although I can’t share with you what is in store for #4, expect to see a lot more clearing of over growth on both sides of the fairway creating better sight lines and views!


Sept 21, 2018

Level Par 3 tee boxes?! That’s the goal. As you can see we have redesigned the black and alternate blue tee boxes on #17. We will complete the other tee to the west in the spring and reshape and redo #14 as soon as the Spring weather will allow! Thanks for your patience as we go through these changes!


Sept 3, 2018

Why is the course so wet??? As we have mentioned recently, we are doing a lot of seeding…. most all of the fairways and greens have been seeded and unfortunately, that seed needs to remain damp in order to have the best chance to grow and beat the heat…. with a 30 year old drainage system it makes for some damp playing conditions. The course will start to dry out this week in preparation for the Central Utah Amateur and as cooler temperatures start to become more consistent the course will not need to be kept as wet. We as a staff appreciate your patience and can’t wait for you to see the progress in the turf! Happy Labor Day!


Sept 1, 2018

“Did they lose #4 tee?” has been a common question asked in the pro shop recently…. I can assure you its not lost, but in fact, finally about to be found. The back tee on #4 was just too full of weeds so we killed it. We could have chosen to continue to mow them at tee height and you probably wouldn’t have noticed, but we as a staff don’t want weeds on our course and you certainly don’t need to be playing on them. Above are more pictures of areas that Jake (our stud irrigation guru and assistant superintendent) has sprayed over the past couple of days. The driving range also was sprayed too. I’ll be honest, some areas are going to look ugly, brown and even a little dreadful! But, as i mentioned in the last post, we are seeding faster than our tractor can handle. Good temps, fertilizer and a bit of sun and you will see those areas popping with grass in no time making a more rich and better playing surface for years to come!


August 24, 2018

As you have noticed over the past few weeks, the fairways are looking a little rough. You may have seen Roy or myself out on a tractor pulling large turf cores out of some of our notoriously troubled areas in our fairways. Recently, we had our soil tested in a lot of those areas and found that our soil pH balance averages at 8.0 and even climbing close to 9 in some areas. Optimum turf growing soil is around 6.5! Also, our sodium levels in those areas are triple what the optimum range should be. Between now and the end of September (the best time to grow grass) we will be hitting these areas hard with several processes. 1) Punch them 2) Spread a slow release capsule that breaks down the sodium called Gypsum 3) Use our injection system in our irrigation water to further break down the sodium and reduce our pH balance on the entire golf course 4) Reseed the area with new turf grass. First, we will attack the fairways and then the rough and that areas that have been over taken by weeds. In the next few weeks and certainly in the next 8 months you should see a huge change in a lot of those areas! If you have any questions, just ask us on the course!