Golf Course Renovation

Anticipated Completed Grow-in Date: Fall 2020

What is the current timeline for the project?

  • June 15, 2020:  New back 9 will be open with carts
  • June 15, 2020: 5 holes will open on the par 3 course
  • Summer 2020: Golf Course grow-in will take place all summer
  • Late Summer 2020: Lights on Driving Range will be available
  • Fall 2020- All 18 holes will be at their full length and play-ability

Frequently asked questions:

  • What is the timeframe going forward? Once 18 holes opens, the golf course will be on it’s new permanent routing. New cart paths, bunkers, pond edges and other smaller amenities will be added until the construction is completed by mid-Aug. Original greens on holes 1, 5, 9 as well as the original 18th (old 9th) fairway will be used until their new replacements have fully grown in.
  • Are we losing the par 3 short course? No, the new par 3 course will have all 9 holes lighted and open for play this Fall.
  • How different is the new golf course? 100%. With 8 completely new holes and the other 11 undergoing an extensive renovation the course will not be the same. We know you loved the greens and that is basically all that will remain. The feel, routing and the experience of the new facility is something we hope you will be proud of and want to play for decades to come. While we will all miss East Bay Golf Course, it had it’s faults and we hope we have corrected those. New Course, New Feel, New Experience.
  • What is the Short Golf Course? A 6 hole par 23 course designed specifically for juniors, beginners and those looking for a new golf experience. Guests will use a large plastic wedge and putter to hit a smaller version of a tennis ball around the bentgrass fairways and greens. Larger cups in the green provide a golf experience that every one is sure to enjoy. Free for all Recreation Center Members. (Rental equipment fee applies)